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Inventing something new is exciting, but we understand your excitement may be tempered by the seemingly daunting task of patenting your invention. Patent law can be complex and confusing, especially to a person with little or no knowledge of the patent process. Gallium Law has a team of highly skilled patent professionals, including registered patent attorneys and registered patent agents, available to walk you through the process of obtaining an issued patent for your invention.

We are excited to work with you from initial invention disclosure to issued patent and beyond, including developing patent families with continuation and continuation-in-part applications. Our team is well-versed in drafting utility and design applications, and we have the experience to help you decide which element(s) to focus on within each application. We also counsel in making decisions regarding filing provisional vs. non-provisional applications, Track One (expedited) vs. regular track filings, PCT applications, and direct foreign applications.

Whether you are an established business or an upstart solo inventor, our team has developed valuable patent portfolios valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. During a merger or acquisition, patents and other intellectual property are often the most valuable asset in the transaction. It is crucial to plan ahead and protect your ideas sooner rather than later. No matter your situation, our priority is protecting your invention, helping you achieve your business goals, and ultimately, significantly increasing the value of your business.

Even if you're unsure whether your invention is patentable, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your idea and perform a patent search to look for potentially relevant prior art. Patent prosecution is not an inexpensive process, but we will work with you to develop a reasonable budget for your circumstances while allowing us to create a high-quality application. Whether you're interested in a design application, a utility application, or both, we would be happy to discuss your ideas and options and work with you to protect your invention. Please fill out this Contact Form and we will be in touch soon, or call us at 651-256-9480.

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