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When patent and/or trademark protection isn't available, such as for creative works, you can still protect your intellectual property with a copyright. As indicated by the name, a copyright grants the owner the exclusive right to make copies of their creative work. Do you have a creative work, or even just an idea for a creative work, but you are unfamiliar with the copyright process so you're not sure how to protect your work? The skilled IP professionals at Gallium Law would be happy to help you obtain copyright protection.

Some obvious creative works that are commonly copyrighted include literary works, such as books and poems, musical works such as songs, and artistic works such as paintings and photographs. Computer programs, plays, and motion pictures may also be copyrighted. In addition, instruction/user manuals and other materials that accompany consumer products may also be subject to copyright protection. As such, copyright  protection may be considered part of a whole package of IP protection of a single product, encompassing utility and/or design patent(s) for the product itself, trademark protection for the product name, trade dress protection for the product packaging, and copyright protection for the user manual accompanying the product. Copyrights can be valuable elements of your IP portfolio, and should not be overlooked.

We are excited to work with you from initial discussions about your creative work to filing your copyright application. We also have experience in successfully helping clients assert their copyright against infringing materials, so if you already hold a copyright and you believe it is being infringed, we would be happy to help you protect your copyrighted material.

Our team has experience prosecuting copyright matters through the U.S. Copyright Office as well as foreign offices, and we would be happy to discuss opportunities for you to strengthen your IP portfolio with copyright registrations. Please fill out this Contact Form and we will be in touch soon, or call us at 651-256-9480.

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