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Gallium Law was founded by Wesley Schwie in 2014 as a boutique intellectual property firm. The firm has since expanded to a highly skilled team of attorneys, registered patent agents, and paralegals. We are proud of our growing client base that encompasses entities all over the United States, including individuals, small businesses, and large companies with vast and complex IP portfolios.

More than IP professionals, we are inventors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. We can relate to your unique situation because we have been in your shoes. We know how to secure your IP rights to create valuable assets that provide long-term wealth.

Simply put, we help you protect – and profit from – your ideas. We are committed to not only obtaining IP rights, such as issued patents and registered trademarks, but helping you enforce those rights. We have successfully litigated our clients' IP rights against some of the largest online platforms in the world. Our goal is to protect our clients' investments in IP by combating infringement and securing lucrative licenses.

Our practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyrights, litigation, portfolio management, due diligence, start-up consulting, and licensing and strategy. In addition to our work prosecuting IP matters within the U.S., we maintain relationships with law firms in many foreign countries and regularly work with them to help our clients obtain IP protection across the globe.

Just like your idea, your circumstances are unique. Whether you are a first-time inventor, a company with a mature IP portfolio, an IP owner facing infringement and hoping to enforce your rights, or anything in between, Gallium Law is here to protect your IP, generate additional sources of revenue, and create valuable assets for you or your business.

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