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Having and asserting intellectual property rights are great ways to combat infringement of your patent, trademark, and/or copyright. In addition to deterring infringement, IP rights can be monetized to provide extra revenue for you or your business. Developing a licensing strategy for your different forms of IP can be a complex task, and it can be easy to miss out on potential monetization opportunities if you are unfamiliar with IP licensing practices. The skilled IP professionals at Gallium Law have experience developing and implementing licensing strategies, and we can help you gain an additional revenue stream for you or your business.

Establishing a royalty stream for your IP can be a key factor in establishing and increasing the value of your business.  The income provided from IP may serve as  the basis for securing  business financing.  Further, licensing income provides a return on investment in your IP. We can tailor programs for licensing your IP to the specific needs of your business.  In addition, we can help you obtain licenses to IP owned by others which, among other benefits, may provide freedom from infringement claims in operating your business. We stand ready to negotiate licenses on your behalf and draft and review contracts pursuant to your licensing needs.

We look forward to speaking with you and learning about your needs and goals for monetizing your IP portfolio. Whether you have a large or small portfolio, we can discuss options for monetization and help you decide how to move forward with implementing a licensing strategy. Please fill out this Contact Form and we will be in touch soon, or call us at 651-256-9480.

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